Solitary hammerheads can be found around Fuvahmulah at any time of year, but sightings are often a case of being in the right place, at the right time. Thankfully though, large schools of scalloped hammerheads are also common around the atoll, with sightings relying heavily on the perfect currents.

While these conditions can occur during any month of the year, the probability is highest from January through March. Great hammerheads are also found around the atoll but the probability of an encounter is less likely. Hammerhead dives in Fuvahmulah are generally deep and in strong currents, making them suitable for advanced divers only.

Fuvahmulah is known for its occasional sightings of hammerhead sharks. These unique and fascinating sharks are sometimes spotted in the waters surrounding the island. Hammerhead sharks are known for their distinctive hammer-shaped heads, which provide them with enhanced vision and sensory capabilities.

While hammerhead shark sightings in Fuvahmulah are not as common as some other locations, there have been reports of occasional encounters by divers and snorkelers.

The surrounding deep ocean channels and underwater cliffs create an environment that can attract hammerhead sharks, as they often prefer deeper waters.

Please keep in mind that the presence and frequency of hammerhead shark sightings can vary, as they are migratory creatures. It's always a good idea to manage expectations and understand that wildlife encounters are never guaranteed. Enjoying the natural beauty of Fuvahmulah and its diverse marine ecosystem, regardless of specific species sightings, can still provide an enriching and memorable experience.